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Welcome by the president

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Agriculture and particularly Horticulture is by far the single most important socio-economic activity in Africa as it provides employment for about two-thirds of the continent’s working population and contributes an average of 30 to 60 percent of gross domestic product and about 30 percent of the value of exports. Nonetheless, arable land and land under permanent cropping occupy only about 6 percent of Africa’s total land area.

The need to significantly increase food production to meet the demands of a rapidly growing population, however, has remained paramount. Intense research at Mohamed VI Polytechnic university in Morocco has been directed at developing high-performing varieties of crops and designing more appropriate cropping systems.

Research and innovation in Africa are very sparse and fragmented with limited exchange of information between scientists within the continent and between these scientists and their counterparts in other countries and its final transfer to the end users.

The Congress aims to gather researchers and professionals within the African continent as well as from other countries to discuss and exchange their research results from all disciplines of environmental earth sciences applied to horticulture.

Furthermore, the Congress supports research and innovation, to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge, and to foster collaboration among African scientific and professional communities within the large field of horticulture.

Join us! Come and accept this invitation to share your knowledge and contribute to the development of sustainable horticulture growing systems and to food security within the continent.

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President, UM6P

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