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  • Exhibition space will be available for companies: Irrigation equipment, Seed and planting material, Fertilizers and plant growth promoters, Pesticides, Soilless substrates, Greenhouses construction, Firms and Laboratories producing natural pollinators and natural enemies, Harvest equipment, Postharvest technologies and equipment, Produce quality evaluation instruments and equipment…..

  • Space will also be available for Institutions [Private (Producers, Importers/exporters of produce and agricultural equipment, Banks, Logistics and transportation, Extension and service agencies, publishers of relevant material …), public (Universities and education institutions, Quality control agencies and laboratories, Customs, and related services …), NGOs (Associations of growers, importers and exporters of produce and of inputs, international organizations).


Interested exhibitors should contact the organizer for more details, costs, and arrangements at the earliest possible.  -  

Stands of 9 square meters, 18m², 27m², 36m² will be available. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the terms of participation and the advantages offered to exhibitors. We hope to see many of you at this important event for our industry.

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