Dear colleagues and partners,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to AAHC 2024 which will take place from 26th of February to 1st of March 2024 in Marrakech, Morocco.

The development of horticulture is key to Africa food quality (nutrition and safety). Horticulture has the potential to settle new ways of producing and consuming. This is why AAHC will be about unlocking the potential of a resilient Horticulture sector in Africa.

The development of Horticulture is one of the main tools that can help leverage the increase of productivity and competitiveness in Africa and strengthen its contribution to the regional wellbeing and reduce dependency on food imports and hunger. 

Unlocking the potential of a resilient Horticulture in Africa is the theme of the fifth AAHC, with the objectives to discuss and promote the huge potential of African Horticulture. The event will provide professionals of horticulture, researchers, young scientists and entrepreneurs, with a platform where they can share the results of research, applications and latest innovations as well as build a network of technical cooperation between professionals of Horticulture throughout Africa and the rest of the world. Also, youth and early career horticulturists will have ample opportunity to interact with the experienced ones.

Morocco is a major horticultural country in North Africa, and Marrakech is the second most important horticultural area of Morocco after Agadir. During the AAHC2024, you will have the chance to visit the Horticulture industry and meet its people in Marrakech and Agadir.

You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy the charms of Marrakech which enjoys a worldwide reputation as the number one tourist destination of Morocco, its landscape, historical treasures and fine gastronomy.

The organizing committee is preparing an unprecedented fifth edition of the AAHC, which will focus on hosting an outstanding scientific and technical event, reinforcing the links between research, education, industry, public and private and enhancing the links between Africa and the rest of the World.

On behalf of the organizing committee, we're looking forward to meeting you in Marrakech in the spring of 2024.
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Dr. Abdelhaq Hanafi

AAHC 2024 Chair


At a Glance

The International Society for Horticulture Science ISHS is the largest global horticulture network comprising over 6,000 members. Its aim is to promote and foster research and education in horticultural science and to facilitate cooperation and knowledge transfer on a global scale through events and publications.

The All-Africa Horticultural Congress (AAHC) is the most important scientific event organized every four years in the fields of Horticulture under the auspices of ISHS (International Society for Horticultural Science). The previous four AAHC took place in Kenya in 2009, South Africa in 2012, Nigeria in 2016 and Senegal in 2020, corresponding to East Africa, South Africa, Central Africa and Western Africa, respectively.


Morocco was assigned the organization, of the fifth edition of the AAHC in 2024 in Marrakech. This will be the first time such event will be held in North Africa and the second time in a francophone African country.



Marrakech 2024

The Marrakech Morocco AAHC 2024, will be organized under the Patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture of Morocco. The event will be held at the Marrakech Congress Palace in Marrakech the first tourist destination of Morocco, located in the center of the country.

We expect some 600 representatives from at least 30 countries from Africa and a significant number from other continents.   

Horticulture in Morocco

Sixth economic power in Africa, Morocco is also at the forefront with regard to the production and export of agricultural products. Agriculture in Morocco is the leading contributor (around 14%) to GDP ahead of tourism and industry.

The implementation from 2008 of the Green Morocco Plan was accompanied by a considerable revival of public investment, reflecting the major effort made by the country to make the agricultural sector a priority lever for socio-economic development.

The fruit and vegetable sector covers an area of nearly 1,300,000 ha, including approximately 1,000,000 ha of fruit plantations and 300,000 ha of vegetables. Average global production is around 9 million tons, including nearly 3 million tons of fruit and more than 6 million tons of vegetables. See more here. Morocco annual fruit exports amount to: 3,552,000 T and those of vegetables to: 2,5134,000 T (2020). 







Abdelhaq Hanafi

ISHS Council Member

Chairman Organizing Committee
Abderrahmane Hilali

Former Ministry of Agriculture Senior Officer

Honorary Chair AAHC2024
Abdeouahhab Zaid

FAO Goodwill Ambassador, UN

Honorary Chair AAHC2024
Mohamed El Otmani

Senior Professor IAV Hassan II, Morocco

Chairman Scientific Committee
Ayman Abou Hadid

Ex Minister of Agriculture Egypt

Scientific Committee
Cherrubino Leonardi

Professor University Catania Italy

Scientific Committee
Moctar Fall

President AAHC2020 Senegal

Scientific Committee
Isaac O.O. Aiyelaagbe

Professor federal University of agriculture Abeokuta Nigeria

Scientific Committee
Hichem Rejeb

Directeir ISA-IRESA Tunisia

Scientific Committee
Kacem Benanni Smires

President Delassus et Vice President Maroc Citrus

Fundraising Committee
Amar Bouamar

Directeur Domaines Agricoles

Fundraising Committee
Mohamed Al Wafi

CEO Omnium Agricole

Fundraising Committee
Marco Wopereis

Director World Vegetable Center The Netherlands

Fundraising Committee
Rachid Bouharroud

Researcher INRA Morocco

Redouane Choukr-Allah

University Mohamed VI Morocco

Co-Chair Organizing Committee
Abdallah Radouani

ISHS Council Member

Honorary Chair AAHC2024
Ismahane Al Ouafi

FAO Chief Scientist Rome, UN

Honorary Chair AAHC2024
Wilfried Baudoin

FAO Senior Officer

Scientific Committee
Yuksel Tuzel

ISHS President

Scientific Committee
Karin Hannweg

ISHS Chair Division Tropical & Sub-tropical fruits, South Africa

Scientific Committee
Karamoko Diarra

Professor University Dakar Senegal

Scientific Committee
Remi Kahane

CIRAD France

Scientific Committee
Khalid Saidi

President APEFEL

Fundraising Committeemittee
Moulay M’Hamed El Ouiltiti

President COPAG et President Maroc Citrus

Fundraising Committee
Hicham Harakat

President Group AZURA

Fundraising Committee
Tarik Kabbage

President Groupe Kabbage

Fundraising Committee
Gabriel Rugalema

Regional Director World Vegetable Center South Africa

Fundraising Committee
Reda Attouf 


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