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Session 1.

Innovation technologies and production strategies for sustainable controlled environment

Session 2.
Horticulture for food and nutrition security in Africa

Session 3.
Best agricultural practices for a smart Horticulture

Session 4.
Efficient use of nutrients and water in horticulture

Session 5.
Protected cultivation innovations and quality planting material

Session 6.
Berries : opportunities and constraints in Africa

Session 7.
Adapted Horticulture to marginal environments.

Session 8.
Date Palm development in Africa

Session 9.
Citrus innovation and development in Africa

Session 10.
Integrated pest management for safe horticultural products

Session 11.
Harvest and postharvest technologies in horticulture

1. Adaptation of horticulture to climate change

2. Agroecology and system approach for sustainable and resilient horticulture production

  1. Contribution of horticulture to food security, health, and well-being.

  2. Tropical crops as a source of nutrients: opportunities and challenges

  1. Resilient horticulture plant protection and integrated pest management.

  2. Good Agricultural Practices and sustainability of production systems.

  3. Smart/precision horticulture and use of artificial intelligence and digitalization in horticulture value chain

  4. Smart environment and natural resource management for increased productivity

  1. Management and innovation in energy and water use efficiency in the horticulture value chain

  2. Waste management in horticultural ecosystems

  3. Carbon and water footprint assessment of horticulture production and marketing.

  1. Resilient protected horticulture.

  2. Resilient soilless culture systems.

  3. Nursery practices and quality of planting material.

  4. Quality seeds and transplants as a pilar of horticultural production

  5. Biotechnology and plant production systems to mitigate impact of biotic and abiotic stresses.

  1. Production and protection of berries in Africa

  2. Harvest challenges and mechanization

  3. Postharvest handling and marketing

  1. Climate change and adaptive innovative solutions in horticulture.

  2. Development and valorization of indigenous crops

  3. Low rainfed horticulture (olive, carob, prickly pear, pomegranate, fig, tropical and sub-tropical fruits, etc.)

  1. Opportunities and constraints

  2. Harvest and post harvest

  1. Nursery practices and use of resilient rootstocks

  2. Good agricultural practices in citriculture

  3. Harvest and post harvest

  1. Biological control innovation in horticulture.

  2. Alternative measures to chemical pesticides in horticulture.

  1. Innovation technologies in harvesting horticultural crops.

  2. Postharvest technologies to reduce losses in horticultural produce.

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